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Boerboel International (BI) is an internationally representative association of breeders, members and owners of one of the most spectacular breeds to have ever emerged out of South Africa.

When courage and dependability are called for – The Boerboel reigns supreme.
Where reliability is expected – The Boerboel never falters.
When protection is required – The Boerboel responds.
When companionship and loyalty is needed.  The Boerboel is by your side.

In fact The Boerboel holds true to these values no matter which culture it integrates with internationally……

From Australia to the U.S.A. – Europe to Russia – Asia to Australia or Africa , The Boerboel has established itself as a perfect companion and guard dog on most continents. The experiences and expertise of many Boerboel enthusiasts from around the world culminate in BI.

BI is honored to have so many enthusiasts, with exceptional knowledge and understanding of this magnificent breed, associated with this truly internationally represented association.

BI also honored the real “Breed Standard” and does not accepts the latest designer colors like: Blue, Powder, Black and Tan and more then 30% white. Black is NO Boerboel !!!


If it is quality, guidance, assistance and exceptional international service you require, may we welcome you to…….

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