Disorders - Traits

Disorders and Traits in the Boerboel.

For every one that wants to buy a boerboel !

Before you buy a boerboel/pup take into consideration that in the boerboel breed several disorders / traits have been found,
That’s why it’s of utmost importance to do your home work and investigate as much as possible before buying a boerboel !!!

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HD Hipdysplasia
ED Elbow displasia
Cruciate Ligament Movement problems
Patella Luxation Knee problems
Epilepsy Anxiety attacks
Crooked tail Spinal problems
Eyes Glaucoma, En- Ectropion, CMR1
Skin Demodex
Wobbler Movement, Neurological
Heart DCM
Kidneys Kidney failure, HUU urinary stones
Teeth Extreme over- underbite, Missing teeth
Inbreeding in % As low as possible. High inbreeding can cause problems.
Genetic Diversity in % As high as possible. Average is 38,40%
Genetic Health Index From 100 and up is better. From 100 and down is worse