Breeding Requirements

BI Breeding Rules and Regulations as from 01-01-2017.

These supersede / cancel all other previous Breeding Rules and Regulations!!

1.1. In the case of breeding, both parents ( male and female) must meet the following requirements:
1.1.1. All breeding Boerboels must meet the BI breed standard.
1.1.2. Must be identified by means of a microchip.
1.1.3. Must have undergone medical examinations and be found in good health and meet the minimum breeding requirements for BI, these being: HD C – C. (Minimum score.) A score lower than this is not allowed. BI advises that dogs with C-C hips only be mated to dogs with A-A hips!! ED1-1 ( Minimum Score) Lower than this score is not allowed. See Hyperplasia: (Bitches ) Free. Males must have both testicles fully descended into the scrotum. Eyes , Ectropion, entropion AND Distichiasis : Free All (old) ED scores which are already known , remain in the database and will be accepted for breeding . Point applies to dogs which are medically examined after 01-01-2017. ED health results from a vet dated up to and including 31-12-2016, are accepted with a maximum score of ED 2-2.
1.1.4. Must have a DNA profile according to the ISAG protocol . 18 and/or 21 markers.
1.1.5. Breeding dogs belonging to a BI breeder must be appraised by BI and be in possession of a TPI. (Conformation, Character and Health = TPI). Minimum conformation score 75%. Less than 75% is disqualification. Minimum score for character test 75%. Less than 75% is disqualification.
1.1.6. If a combination is made with e.g. a male who is not registered with BI but with another organization then the male must meet the following requirements: Must have a DNA profile according to the ISAG protocol . 18 and/or 21 markers. Must have a Pedigree. Must have been appraised by another organisation and breeding approved.. Must have undergone a medical examination and be completely healthy and at least meet Section and If frozen sperm is used from a deceased dog dispensation may be granted in certain cases, under one of the points in 1.1.3. If frozen semen is used from a NOT deceased dog then the dog must be medically approved according to section 1.1.3. or 1.1.6. A DNA profile is required in ALL cases when using frozen sperm. The parents of the selected male must be known to BI. Point 1.1.6. is applicable if the pedigree of this organization is accepted by BI. If the pedigree is not accepted by BI then, except for point 1.1.6., also additionally the DNA profile and pedigrees of the parents of the chosen dog need to be sent to BI in order to do a thorough parenthood check.
1.1.7. All breeding dogs that meet the BI breeding requirements have the status “Approved for breeding: Yes” in the database.
1.1.8. In all cases not covered by the above, BI will make a decision to which cannot be appealed.

1.2. The Bitch.
1.2.1. The bitch must be a minimum of 18 months old at time of mating.
1.2.2. A maiden bitch may not be mated after the day following her 6th birthday.
1.2.3. A bitch who has already had puppies may not be mated after the day following her 8th birthday.
1.2.4. A bitch may not have more than 4 litters during her lifetime.
1.2.5. A bitch may not be mated following her third Caesarean section.
1.2.6. A bitch may not be covered within 35 weeks after the birth of a previous litter.
1.2.7. A bitch may have up to two litters within 24 months, with due observance of article 1.2.6.

1.3. The Male
1.3.1. Must be 12 months of age at the time of mating.
1.3.2. Must be appraised and breeding approved. See 1.1.

1.4. Inbreeding Restrictions.
1.4.1. The following combinations are not permitted: father – daughter, mother – son, brother – sister Legislation may vary from country to country. Every breeder should , in any case follow the legal requirements of his / her country !!.
1.4.2. The fact that puppies are born as a result of a mating that has taken place in breach of the provisions of article 1.4.1. does not necessarily mean refusal of entry in Boerboel International Registry.
1.4.3. For puppies who were born in the Netherlands due to a mating that has taken place in breach of the provisions of article 1.4.1, the inclusion in the Boerboel International Registry is refused and the following applies: “He who owns the bitch at the time of mating and has mated the bitch in contrary to the provisions of Article 1.4.1. and has allowed or has not prevented the bitch being covered in contravention of those provisions is guilty of an offense. “

1.5. Repeat matings
1.5.1. Matings using the same parent combinations is allowed no more than three times.

1.6. Litter registration
1.6.1. Litter registration must take place within six months of birth.
1.6.2. The breeder is obliged to notify of any mating within 30 days via the appropriate form.
1.6.3. As long as the mating has not been registered, there is no possibility of advertising the litter on the Litters Expected page , and, failing to do so will result in non-registration of the litter.
1.6.4. Dogs can only be registered with one kennelname.
1.6.5. Kennel name Suffixes are no longer accepted.
1.6.6. BI reserves the right to refuse Kennel- and pedigree names without giving any reason.
1.6.7. Puppies carry the kennel name of the owner of the bitch at the time of birth.
1.6.8. Breeders with database access should ensure that the data of both the puppy and the new owner be entered into the BI database.
1.6.9. In the case of puppy registration after six months, the following provisions shall apply: Only BI can enter the data / information of the litter and owners. DNA profiles of the pups must sent to and / or are known to BI. Fees are charged. (See database, website and App for cost indication.)
1.6.10. When there is a litter with potentially different fathers (Dual sire mating) DNA from each pup must be submitted . The birth certificates will be issued only when the DNA results are known and parenting is verified through the database. BI will register the litter
1.6.11. Entering ONE of the males as father is strictly forbidden.
1.6.12. In the event of passing on misinformation, not conform to the breed standard of BI in terms of color, wrong parents or otherwise, when registering a dog / puppy, the pedigree / birth certificate will be null and void / cancelled. The dog is then automatically placed in the “Pet Registry” and the breeder will receive a warning.
1.6.13. BI also reserves the right to share this information ( 1.6.12) with other organizations.

In case of special circumstances one has to contact BI at

Last modified: 16-12-2016