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On the list, to be found below, you will find Boerboel International breeders categorized per country.
Boerboel International breeder members have database access and can give you a lot of information about the parents health testing. Breeder list

Boerboel International is the ONLY organization that uses the original Boerboel breedstandard without all the fancy designer colours. 

Breeding dogs of Boerboel International breeders may only produce a litter when they are health-, character tested and have been appraised. A full TPI.
A lot of our members have their breeding stock BIGS tested and therefore they can use the option “Mate Select“.

Mate Select is a new option in the database that finds the perfect match for one’s breeding dog, male or female, based on genetic testing and results. Of course HD, ED, Eyes etc must be taken into consideration before one uses the Mate Select option.

With Mate Select the genetic health of the new born pups will theoretically be better then the parents !!!
The first litters based, among other things, on Mate Select are already born.
Boerboel International advises you to buy ONLY pups of which the parents have been health tested and have a DNA profile.

A DNA profile is used by Boerboel International to determine the correct parenthood in realtime.
Once a match, the text “Parentage DNA Verified“, will be visible on the pedigree.

Compare all the options, available to our members, with other organizations !!! The result will speak for itself.

If you are looking for a boerboel pup you can contact the Boerboel International Breeders through their website or you can contact Boerboel International. 

Potential Boerboel puppy buyers can always contact Boerboel International for advice at
If you get the database login screen please refresh your screen !!.

Disclaimer !
English: All breeders listed above have been carefully checked by BI . However, BI is NOT responsible and / or liable for interim emerging situations with individual breeders or by actions, decisions and/or promises of breeders who do not comply with BI policies . This list is NOT legally binding

Nederlands: Alle fokkers op bovenstaande lijst zijn zorgvuldig door BI gecontroleerd. BI is echter NIET verantwoordelijk en/of aansprakelijk voor tussentijds veranderde situaties bij individuele fokkers of door acties, beslissingen en/of beloftes van fokkers welke niet stroken met het BI beleid. Aan de lijst kunnen GEEN rechten worden ontleend.

Deutsch: Alle Züchter, die auf der oben genannten Liste stehen, sind sorgfältig von BI kontrolliert. BI ist NICHT für eine zwischenzeitliche veränderte Situationen bei einzelnen Züchtern oder Handlungen, Entscheidungen oder Versprechungen der Züchter, die nicht unterstüzt werden durch die Ansichten von BI. Die Liste ist NICHT rechtsverbindlich.

Last modified: 30-7-2017

Genetic testing is the only way forward for the Boerboel breed.
Black is absolutely NO Boerboel.